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Ion Exchange Membranes

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CMI-7000 Cation Exchange Membrane and AMI-7001 Anion Exchange Membrane

Membranes International Inc. has manufactured strong base anionic and strong acid cationic heterogeneous ion exchange membranes for the electrocoat and water treatment industries since 1983. As a founding member of the Electrocoat Association, we are committed to set and maintain the industry standard for quality. Our ion exchange membranes are approved by PPG, Dupont and Valspar for use by their customers in electrocoat paint systems. Our ion exchange membranes are used in electrodeionization systems for the production of ultra pure water. We offer our customers the flexibility of custom manufacturing to optimize membrane performance for their particular application. Our ion exchange membranes are supplied either as single sheets or continuous rolls. Our cationic CMI-7000 and anionic AMI-7001 ion exchange membranes offer superior performance and physical stability while being extremely cost effective.


  • Electrodeionization for ultrapure water in EDI and SWEDI systems
  • Electrocoating for Cathodic and Anodic paint systems
  • Electrolysis for Biological Fuel Cells
  • Electrodialysis for desalination and demineralization
  • Electroplating for metal recovery


  • Hot water sanitization microbial control
  • High permselectivity with low permeability
  • Wide range of chemical and temperature stability
  • Exceptional mechanical strength